Tenants FAQ

What are my responsibilities should I become a Tenant?

Simple, we expect you to treat the property as if it were your own ‘owned’ home – to take care of the furnishings, fixtures and fittings, decorations and (where advised) the gardens; undertake routine day to day cleaning and maintenance. You are also responsible for making your own arrangements for taking over the supply of services including, gas, electricity, council tax, phone/broadband/tv. It is also the Tenants responsibility to purchase the television licence. A Tenant’s responsibilities are clearly outlined in the terms and conditions of the lease.

What are the Landlord’s responsibilities?

The landlord is responsible for maintaining the property, furnishings and fittings as noted in the inventory to the same standard as presented at the commencement of the tenancy. The Landlord is also required to ensure that the property meets the new Repairing Standard under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 which came into force on 3 September 2007.

What happens with the Insurance?

The Landlord will insure the building and their own contents. However their insurers will not cover you, the tenant, for any damage you may do to the premises, fixtures, fitting and furnishings. As a condition of your tenancy agreement you are required to have insurance for your own personal possessions.

Is there anything else I have to pay before I move in?

Apart from your first rent payment, you will be required to pay the deposit which will be lodged into an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Keys will not be issued unless both payments are received in full.

What is the Inventory?

It is a record of all items of furniture, fixtures and fittings, furnishings and equipment noted room by room. It also notes any previous marks and damage. The inventory is backed up by photographs. You will be presented with the inventory at the commencement of the tenancy and will be asked to check it, noting any discrepancies, sign and return within 7 days of receipt. If you do not return the inventory, it will be deemed that you accept the information noted. It is important that you return the inventory within the 7 days to ensure you have evidence of the condition of the property at the time it was presented to you should a dispute occur at the end of the tenancy.

How do I pay my rent?

By Standing Order from your bank on a monthly basis is our preferred option. However, should you not have the facility to pay by Standing Order, rental payments can be accepted in the office by cash or cheque.

Can I decorate?

As per the terms and conditions of the lease, you would have to seek permission (in writing) to decorate the property. The letter should include the colour/wallpaper you intend using and any changes to fixtures/fittings.

Can I keep pets?

This is entirely at the Landlord’s discretion and varies from property to property. As per the terms and conditions of the lease, permission must be sought first to keep a pet. It is a general policy that pets are not permitted.

Can the Landlord/Agent enter the house at any time?

NO – only in the case of an emergency. Otherwise, a prior arrangement would be made (in writing) giving a minimum of 24 hours notice. As the Agent, Robertson Property Management Limited have a duty to inspect all properties at regular intervals to check that they are being well cared for. Again, such visits will be arranged in writing in advance.